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In Memoriam - Ken McGlashan

August 29, 2003

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Born Feb 28, 2005

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Born June 13, 2005



Well the van did survive ...

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Paul & Angie's wedding August 16, 2002
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Lucy & Gus


"Pigs in Infospace"

-- Guinea Pig Cam --


The life of a guinea pig is short and futile. It seems only yesterday that we had the contest to name the pig. The hirsute junior pig, the black and white guy in the lower pictures, got an identity - "Mop". But already Mop has left us. So soon, so young. Yes, Mop has passed on, gone to meet his maker, taken the big nap, and become extinct. He had been well, and active, but suddenly he expired. His stiff body is bereft of life, and can be found pushing up the daisies. He is an ex-pig. Alas his companion Lucy, aka black widow, aka Lucifer, after a suitable mourning period has now gone to join him in the choir invisible. Again it was sudden, but at 6 years Lucy was a senior for sure.

They are survived by Bowser de Kelowna, who has decided to look for a new home. If you would like to house the Bowser, please let us know.
pig cam


Oh no! Doug's former car a wreck.

Check it out. Firebird news

. . . this was Doug's truck for a while:


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It must be contagious ... here's the van:
Previa news
Previa news

... And Paul's Honda:
Honda news
Honda news Honda news

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But some good news - a new car, and replacement van:
Accord newsAccord news
Van news