The Election "Dream Team" was reconvened for the Council election on November 19, 2005. As in 1999 and 2002, we ran the poll at Queen Elizabeth School, but this time we served a different group of voters, those south of 16th Avenue. The turnout was solid and we were busy most of the day - busy enough that we had to call for more booths, as people needed time to mark the complex ballots. As usual it was very quiet in the evening, and in the end we had a total of 1337 votes cast. This made us the 4th-busiest poll in the City, out of 142 polls! Our results were somewhat similar to the City-wide tally, with Sam Sullivan as the preferred choice for Mayor, and about 2/3 of the other offices being the same as chosen City-wide. The Dream Team had an excellent day, working hard, being inventive, and greeting the voters with a smile.

(click here for the 2003 plebiscite - "A great day for democracy"!)

Here are the 2005 pictures ...

A quiet moment in the evening!

Thanks to the Team members for a smooth operation and excellent support of democracy.
Members for 2005:

Bob Ross
Dale Bracewell
Garth Miles
David Rawsthorne
Paul Adam
Brian Crosbie
Janet Chiu
Marie Halinowski
Linda Adam
Ian Adam

Special thanks to Barrie Dawes, our runner to the rescue with extra supplies!
Also to Sherman Yee, our backup member on call, and to those team members who
couldn't make it this time... hope to see you next time!


  click for the 2003 plebiscite - "A great day for democracy"!

Mayoral thumb