Fractals are mathematical ways of describing complex situations using very simple, iterative equations. They can be interpreted to produce stunning, incredibly detailed graphical images.



Image Gallery

FRACTINT is an excellent program for drawing numerous kinds of fractal images, and is supported at the University of British Columbia. Best of all, it is written collaboratively and distributed freely.


Starting Points

This site by Paul Lee contains links to more than 120 Fractal generators and other items.

This link to Rico Wack of Switzerland has over 700 images and great starting points for exploration.

Apophysis 2

Electric Sheep

Apophysis is an incredible new program for creating fractal flames.

"Do Androids Dream of Elecric Sheep?" Try this amazing screensaver, where your sleeping computer dreams as part of an internet collaboration.


Ench Gallery  Excellent quality images, by Cory Ench.
Merren  Art of Fractal ... Galleries of fractals from Kiwi-land
Kokopelli  A great variety of images by a prolific artist
100 Galleries  IF you have broadband - enter the Infinite Fractal Loop
Mandy  Alter Mandelbrot and Julia fractals on the screen
3D  3-dimensional Fractals
Artist of the Month  "Deagol" named Renderosity's outstanding artist.
Linda Bucklin  Another great collection of fractal images

Affine Transforms

Imagine sitting in a barber chair, with mirrors all around. You see dozens of reflections of yourself, disappearing into infinity. Each reflection is an affine transform. With multiple mirrors, near-infinite reflections, and control of all details you can create complex images. A classic DOS-based interface, but this program is powerful.


By repetitively subdividing a grid and adjusting its values, you can create a random mountain, or illustrate a mathematical function. In theory, fractals could subdivide infinitely. In practise this classic DOS program limits the cell size and renders an artificial landscape.

More Programs:

Penrose Tiles
Strange Attractors
Screen Filler

Some entertaining programs.


More Fractals - Images & Discussion