SkyGlobe Planetarium

Study the planets and constellations
From: KlassM SoftWare, Inc. (which no longer exists)
License: Shareware
SkyGlobe Planetarium displays 25,000 stars, constellation lines, the planets, Sun, Moon, the Messier Objects, the Milky Way, and ecliptic, horizon, and RA-Dec grid lines for any time and date, from over 230 locations around the world. All display settings can be quickly changed with easy hot key commands or with the mouse.

Minimum requirements: Desire to learn, Windows 95, compatible DOS

Download Skyglobe:

Skyglobe36 DOS
Zip File      Exe File

Skyglobe40 for Windows
Zip File

If you have a problem downloading SkyGlobe, right-click on a link and choose 'Save Target As'.

Here are captured screens from Skyglobe.

DOS version

Windows version
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